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Pittsburgh personal injury attorney equipped with years of experience and knowledge in personal injury cases, criminal cases, and student conduct charges

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Disney Law was founded on Robert Disney’s belief that clients deserve not just a “lawyer,” but a dedicated advocate, willing to invest the time, energy, and understanding necessary to achieve his clients’ goals. Robert Disney is an experienced trial lawyer with an authentic style that delivers results for his clients. He is known for his comfort and confidence in the courtroom and his passionate representation. Clients call Robert a “fighter and a friend,” and colleagues call Robert a “courtroom natural.” Robert firmly pursues his clients’ interests, at all stages of the legal process, achieving results through honest, experienced, and vigorous advocacy. Disney Law clients receive the utmost personal attention, and Robert strives to provide each client with an in-depth understanding of the relevant legal processes from start to finish.

Robert is a graduate of Florida State University, College of Law. Prior to moving to the Pittsburgh area, Robert was a dedicated public defender in Tallahassee, Florida at the 2nd Circuit Public Defender's Office. Robert has lived in Pittsburgh since 2015, where he spent time as a criminal defense attorney for the Allegheny County Public Defenders’ Office before being quickly recruited to the prestigious Office of Conflict Counsel for the 5th Judicial District. Throughout his professional career, Robert has gained litigation and negotiation experience, through numerous hearings, jury and bench trials, formulating plea agreements, contract review, and drafting and filing pleadings, motions, demand letters, and settlement offers. Robert has also written and presented several appeals to both the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Robert is the first attorney to move a bedbug action in Allegheny County.  

Robert dedicates his free time to the training and development of young lawyers. He is a trial advocacy advisor for second and third-year law students at Duquesne University, School of Law and has proudly coached the school’s Mock Trial Team to numerous victories.

Robert assists pro bono clients facing eviction or other housing issues and has defended lawful protesters’ first amendment rights. Additionally, Robert provides free representation and service to complete legal name changes for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Robert is an active animal advocate and rescuer. He and his wife have several furry family members and have fostered and cared for dozens of animals over the years.

Prior to entering law school, Robert held many jobs to help afford his education, including: electrician, roofer, construction worker, landscaper, water meter installer, meter reader, and a pipe fitter for Local 572 in Nashville, Tennessee.  

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"Mr.Disney was a miracle in my eye! His devotion is very strong in details and actually caring about a individual like myself in my predicament. He is loyal to the code lawyer. There's are no words to describe how much I am thankful!"
Otis Turner
"Robert is a serious lawyer dedicated to serving justice and seeing the injured party compensated."
Zeph Mitchell

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