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Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Robert Disney has worked on a number of different criminal cases in the Pittsburgh area. If you are involved in a criminal defense case, you have the right to hire an expert defense lawyer to prove legal advice and assistance.

Preliminary Hearings

When someone is charged with a criminal offense, there is a legal process that the state is required to go through in order to try and prove that they are guilty of a crime. Holding a preliminary hearing is the first step in this process. 


Have you been charged with driving under the influence? Being charged with a DUI can be nerve racking and even a little embarrassing. But you are entitled to legal information and assistance when it comes to handling your DUI charges. 

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to familiarize yourself with PA laws. Under PA state law, DUI charges are divided into three tiers based on the blood alcohol content (BAC) found in a person's system. These tiers range from "general impairment" at a BAC of 0.08 - 0.10 to a "high rate" at 0.10 - 0.159 to the "highest rate" over 0.160. The sentencing for your case will depend on your BAC as well as the number of past offenses you have on your record.

Drug Possession

The state of PA enforces some of the strictest penalties for drug possession. Fines can go up to $25,000 and jail time can be added to the sentence. The exact penalty enacted on you will vary depending on the quantity and type of drug in question. 

Other factors, such as the presence of prior crimes and the area of any alleged distribution are also taken into account. The type of drug and the amount you are found with will also factor into your punishment, as well as whether you were purchasing the drug or selling it. 

Have you been charged for a crime? If you have been arrested for criminal law violations, you need to find a qualified lawyer to examine your case. Robert Disney — one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in Pittsburgh — is ready to provide the legal advice and assistance you need. Contact his office today for more information. 

Criminal Law

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